2012 CANTOP Conference

The 3rd Annual CANTOP conference will be held at UNC Charlotte
August 13, 2012  3:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Conference Theme: Teaching Psychology Through Writing

To Register:
Contact the Conference Director Kim Buch at UNC  Charlotte – kkbuch@uncc.edu

Registration Fee:
$0. The fee for registering is not monetary; it is information to be disseminated to other conference participants. All participants will be asked to submit an “information gift” before the conference. Examples include: course assignments, rubrics, classroom demonstrations, lists of useful websites, favorite articles, sample student projects, stories of lessons learned, or anything else you have found relevant to educating psychology students.

If there is a topic you would like included in the Roundtable Discussion, please submit that idea to Dr. Kim Buch via email: kkbuch@uncc.edu


The CANTOP Story


To support teaching and learning in psychology by facilitating communications and encouraging collaboration and sharing of resources among psychology faculty in the Charlotte area.

CANTOP was initially funded through a seed grant from the Charlotte Area Education Consortium (CAEC) that provided for the founding of CANTOP in 2010. Although no longer funded through the Consortium the Network supports the philosophy and goals of CAEC.

CAEC Goals:

Charlotte Area Education Consortium fosters the highest standard of collegiate, university and professional education for the region. To fulfill this mission, the members of the consortium support

  1. engendering a spirit of willing cooperation, respecting always the autonomy of each institution;
  2. removing barriers to cooperation that may exist among the institutions;
  3. developing programs to ensure the most effective use of resources available among the institutions; and
  4. promoting the Consortium as a resource for the region.

In light of its mission, the Consortium has these goals:

  • Afford students access to broader educational experiences both curricular and extracurricular.
  • Foster collaborative sponsorship programs and projects.
  • Encourage cooperation among the administrators, faculty, and students of the member institutions.
  • Encourage multi-institutional use of faculty and faculty exchanges among institutions.
  • Promote resource sharing.
  • Act as a forum for sharing information among member Institutions.
  • Articulate to the region the resources available through the Consortium and its member institutions.

Joining CANTOP

Psychology faculty members from any of the Charlotte area colleges and universities are welcome to participate in CANTOP activities and submit information gifts.

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