Snowmaggedon 2014

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Ok, not really, but it was nice to have yesterday off.

On Tuesday, when the weather forecast was calling for the snow to start around lunch (which later changed to 2pm, then 5pm) I turned on my camera’s intervalometer and captured a time lapse from roughly 12:30pm to 5pm. I’m attaching a video link (via youtube) below.

The camera was set to take a still image every 30 seconds, and the music was composed personally by me (via Apple Loops and Garageband).


SnowLapse 2014

S drive rename for CLAS

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences college S drive was renamed in December. Any users who connected to the drive using a desktop shortcut should update the shortcut to reflect the new share name. For example, the desktop shortcut for Psychology department drive access would be: S:\CLAS\PSYC\MYDEPT.

I’ve sent a customized list of instructions to each department chair. If you need help, please feel free to contact your departmental technology support person.

Top 5 list for the new year!

What better way to start 2014 that with CNET’s list of soon-to-be obsolete technologies? For what it’s worth, I agree with the guy. Mostly.

Happy New Year! May it be your best yet.


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Our current campus standard for SPSS and AMOS is version 21.  If you have older versions installed, please uninstall them.  If you need to have version 21 installed, contact your local CLAS IT support person. SPSS is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.  It is also available for faculty and staff through Citrix.  Check out what’s new in version 21.

Off-network machines, such as those used for secure research, can also have SPSS and AMOS installed.  The licenses for SPSS and AMOS on these machines are not automatically updated and must be renewed each year in August.  Contact Aaron Forsyth for more information about this.

Nvivo for Mac

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Nvivo for Mac is coming soon.  Nvivo recently announced a free public beta of Nvivo for Mac available in March 2014, with a commercial version being released in the summer of 2014.  When the commercial version is released, we will be able to install it on any university-owned Mac computer with our campus site license.