Ubuntu 14.04: No we don’t want to go shopping or search the web, just an application please.

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A feature in Ubuntu 14.04 by default searches Amazon and the web when a user searchs for application using Dash. This might be great for a home user, but not for an enterprise user. To fix this issue we ran the script available on fuxubuntu.com to all 14.04 machines.

Puppet and CENTOS Unattended Upgrades

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Previously, only a few CENTOS server were used. Now that the number of CENTOS machines has increased, yum-cron is being used to automatically push out the updates.


The updates should be installed, not just downloaded, so the check_only option is set to no. The code that was used to include the module in the puppet manifest is below.

class { 'yum_cron':
  check_only => 'no',


Poster Printing

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The Office of Academic Technologies is able to provide poster printing services for CLAS departments. If you are in the Social Sciences (ANTH, CJUS, OSCI, POLS, PPOL, PSYC, SOCY) and would like to have a poster printed for academic purposes, please fill out the form below.


  • Avoid dark colored backgrounds
  • Proofread before submitting
  • Plotter is 42″ (one side must be 42″ or less)
  • Submit form at least 2 days before you need the poster.
Please give at least 2 days notice.
Provide building and room.

Please upload your poster file here. PowerPoint or PDF files are preferred.

NVivo for Mac

NVivo qualitative software is now available for the Macintosh operating system. Some features available for Windows users are not yet enabled in the Mac version of NVivo, but updates will be available regularly to add options. QSR International has published a comparison of NVivo features on Windows vs. Mac.

UNC Charlotte faculty, research staff, and graduate students can use NVivo on university-owned or personal computers. For more information about requesting NVivo, see our CLAS Office of Academic Technologies NVivo information page.

PuppetDB Upgrade to 2.0

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During the upgrade to PuppetDB 2.0, PuppetDB failed to start. The location of the config file for the logging-config changed.

The original location is in the link below.


The /etc/puppetdb/conf.d/config.ini file should be updated to point to the link below.

logging-config = /etc/puppetdb/logback.xml