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  • Heather Perry, Feeding War: Nutrition, Health, and the Body in WWI Germany.  Book length manuscript focusing on how health experts, nutritional scientists, and social workers sought to manage the health of Germans on the homefront in WWI.
  • Heather Perry, In the Grip of Defeat: the Influenza Pandemic in Germany, 1917-1922.  Book length manuscript examining the social and cultural impact of the “Spanish flu” in Germany as political revolution, the collapse of the empire, and civil war raged across the country.

Research Interests

Modern Germany; medicine and war; gender, technology, and the body; disability history; World War I. I am currently interested in two main things: What is the relationship between medicine and war in Germany? How have the extreme conditions of war affected both social groups and individual bodies?


Ph.D., Indiana University, 2005

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