CLAS Pages is an instance of WordPress available to faculty and staff in the UNC Charlotte College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  Before you request a site or work on an existing site, please view the screencast tutorial below to learn how to use the platform.  As well, review the University Site Conventions & Style Guide.

For more information and additional support, contact the CLAS Director of Web Application Development.

For more information about CLAS web sites, see:
CLAS Office of Academic Technologies > Services > Sites


  1. How do I change the title of my site?  How do I change the “tagline” of my site (i.e. the text directly below the site title)
    See: Editing Settings
  2. How do I update my contact information?
    See: Editing Widgets
  3. How do I prevent people from viewing my site until its ready?
    You can edit your site visibility, see: Editing Settings
  4. How do I change the header on my site:
    Go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Header
  5. How do I upload a copy of my C.V.?
    See: Adding Files
  6. How do I copy text from Word to use on this site
    See: Text from Word
  7. How do I add links to a page or post?
    see: Editing Pages & Posts > Adding & Editing Links
  8. Why don’t I see an “Edit Page” or “Edit Post” link?
    The “Edit Page” and “Edit Post” links are only displayed to users who have been given the role of site “editor” or “author”

If you have a question about CLAS Pages that is not included above, please let us know by adding a comment below.

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