Editing Widgets

  1. Click on the title of your site in the admin bar
  2. Chose Widgets from the drop down menu
  1. Locate the widget you want to edit
  2. Click on its title bar
  3. Make changes and click the “Save” button


Adding New Widgets

To add new widgets, chose from the available widgets and do the following:

  1. Click on the titlebar of the widget you want to use
  2. Drag the widget to the sidebar where you want it to be displayed
  3. Click again on the widget titlebar to view its settings
  4. Edit the widget settings and click on the “Save” button

Activating Widget Areas

If you are using the Translucence theme, there are 3 sidebars available to use for widgets (2 right sidebars and 1 left) and 4 footer areas.  By default the Translucence theme only displays the primary (1st right sidebar) widget area and the footer widget areas.  If you drag widgets into these areas, they will be displayed on your site

Secondary and Tertiary Widget Areas

To enable the 2nd right sidebar (secondary widget area) and the left sidebar (tertiary widget area) go to Appearance > Theme Options and chose to display these sidebars.  Once displayed, they will appear in your theme layout

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