Getting Started

If you are a full-time faculty in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, check the CLAS Connections site to see if a site has already been created for you.  Simply search for your name, see: CLAS Connections.

If a site has not be created for you, you can request one online, see: Get a Site.

Logging in to CLAS Pages

To log in to your site, do the following:

  1. Click on the Log In link of your site (upper right corner)
  2. Log in with your NinerNET username and password

After you have logged in to CLAS Pages you’ll be re-directed to your Dashboard.  If you logged in from your site, click on your site’s name on the admin bar at the top of the page to view your site.  Click on the site name again to return to the dashboard.

If you logged in from another site, click on “My Sites” in the admin bar and chose which of your sites you want to visit (if you have more than one)

Editing your Profile

Your CLAS Pages Dashboard will have a link to your profile.  It is recommend you fill out the biographical information field.  This will be linked to your name on any posts you author.


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