I am an associate professor here in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences. My research interests include soil science and geomorphology with applications to landscape evolution, active tectonics and paleoclimate problems.  I am currently conducting research in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California,the Apennine Mountains of central Italy, and the piedmont of South and North Carolina, and the alpine environments of the San Juans (see below). Feel free to email or call any time to talk about potential student research opportunities in these areas. 

  Photo right: Profs Diemer and Armour strolling near Red Lake New Mexico. My PhD student, Brad Johnson, and MS Student Tony Layzell are currently investigating Holocene climate records of this and other alpine environments in the Southern San Juans of Northern New Mexico and southern Colorado and evaluating Holocene landscape evolution of alpine environements in the context of that change.

  Charlotte, NC is home the rest of the time . Charlotte has one of the best City GIS web-sites (click on image below) that I have ever come across. I spend my away-from-school time running and working for myneighborhood association.

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