BrianMagi-UNCCharlotteBrian Magi, PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from University of Washington, and BSc in Physics/Applied Math from University of Arizona. Contact me anytime at brian dot magi at uncc dot edu.

Graduate Students

Alex Schaefer, Started in Fall 2015 as an INES PhD student. Alex graduated with a Masters degree in Atmospheric Sciences from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology working on plume dynamics relative to a single fire. He then expanded his view from one fire to millions of fires and is now working hard on multidisciplinary hypothesis testing using global fire modeling methods.

Stephanie Edwards. Started in Spring 2016 as a Masters in Earth Sciences student. Stephanie graduated with a Meteorology BSc from NC State, and is currently working on large-scale lightning detection using National Lightning Detection Network data and satellite microwave remote sensing data from SSM/I. She is storm-chasing in the world lightning data and finding some pretty interesting results about the Southeast USA!

Undergraduate Students

Taylor Grace, Meteorology major. Taylor is working on research as a part of the Summer 2018 Charlotte Research Scholars program here at UNC Charlotte.

calvin-cupiniCalvin Cupini, Earth and Environmental Sciences major, worked on Independent Study related to air quality data and visualization in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. He is now the Citizen Science Coordinator at the non-profit Clean Air Carolina. Calvin and I have helped to spear-head microscale air quality data collection efforts in Mecklenburg County, and he continues this work at Clean Air Carolina by extending that data collection statewide.

Future Postdocs, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students

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