Charley Fite

Charley is a senior Meteorology BSc major here at UNC Charlotte (Fall 2017). He has been actively working on ways to better understand questions related to large-scale dynamics and climate science, and started with learning how to talk to data using python programming language. Charley did some really nice work related to the shifting bell curve of seasonal temperature distributions around the Southeastern USA using data from NOAA NCEI, worked as an air quality intern at the Environmental Protection Agency in Summer 2016, and worked as a atmospheric chemistry researcher as a part of the competitive NASA Student Airborne Research Program. He worked with UC Irvine researchers on questions about trace gas chemistry.

Charley has attended multiple AMS conferences, and will even be attending the mighty AGU conference in Fall 2017 to meet up with his peers from SARP, and hopefully learn about some graduate school opportunities as well. If AGU in 2017 isn’t enough, Charley will be at the student conference for AMS in January 2018.

As Charley travels the path to graduation and his new duties as the President of the local student weather club (with responsibilities that include bringing speakers from industry to meet with students, fund-raisers, and the UNC Charlotte Weather Fest in spring 2018), he will be completing an Honors Thesis using the NCAR LENS ensemble to understand changes in aerosol patterns and the implications. He spent most of Fall 2017 learning how to navigate the multidimensional LENS output with python, and what “netcdf” means (long live netcdf!). This preparation will set Charley up for a strong finish in Spring 2018.