Academic Degrees

WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Bachelor of Science in Biology (pre-med) with Chemistry Minor, 1977.

WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, Master of Science in Biology, 1980

Courses Taught (*offered for Graduate Credit)

BIOL1273 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I lecture

BIOL1274 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I lecture

Goals and Objectives of Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II

Human Anatomy and Physiology is required for pre-health professional Schools. The course covers an in-depth study of the human body. Some students take the course to not only gain knowledge about the human body, but also to become educated health care consumers. Upon successful completion of these courses, the student will be able to:

  1. Define anatomy and physiology and discuss the scope of the science.
  2. Describe the human body’s level of structural organization
  3. Identify the principal organ systems of the human body, state the representative organs of each, and explain the basic functions of each system.
  4. Correlate the interrelationships of the body systems as they work together to accomplish the ultimate goal: survival.
  5. Define homeostasis and explain its importance in maintaining normal function
  6. Have a good understanding of membrane potentials and how the information relates to physiology.
  7. Recall medical and anatomical terminology accurately.
  8. Identify basic nutrients and discuss their role in growth, development, and health maintenance.
  9. Describe the ways in which infectious diseases may be spread.
  10. Discuss various diseases of the organ systems and potential therapies.
  11. Discuss the changes in the human body as a result of aging.

Professional Experience

ANATOMY / PHYSIOLOGY LECTURER, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, College of Arts and Sciences. Responsible for teaching both lecture sections of Anatomy/Physiology to undergraduate students. Duties include training the graduate student teaching assistants, overseeing laboratory preparation, ordering material for 15 laboratory sections, implementing new experiments, and teaching some laboratory sections. Fall 1994.

Taught Animal Physiology lecture to Biology Majors. 1992——present.

INSTRUCTOR FOR BIOLOGY SECTION WITH KAPLAN EDUCATION CENTER, Charlotte, NC. Responsible for teaching the Biology section to students preparing for MCAT. 1993-1997.
Administrative Experience

ASSISTANT TO THE CHAIR, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, College of Arts and Sciences. Responsible for preparing department schedules and completing all the paperwork associated with the preparation of the schedules. Worked with appropriate Faculty members in hiring part-time faculty for classes. Completed paperwork associated with hiring of part-time Faculty members. Worked on the Annual teaching workload report. Organized and ran SOAR sessions for the department and advised students on an average 20 hrs. / Week. Handled all suspension appeal forms. Handled all the graduation clearances (on an average 35/semester). Helped with training the lecturers for advising. (1997 – 1999).

Memberships and Services

Human Anatomy and Physiology Society

Hosted the National Meeting for Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, Spring 2000.

Serving on Undergraduate committee 2005.

Served on the Advisory Committee, 1999.

Prepared Study guide used in lecture and Lab for Anatomy and Physiology. 1996.

Hosted the state meeting for Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, Spring 1995.

Organized department Seminar and was successful in inviting the 1994 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Dr. Martin Rodbell, as a speaker, Fall 1995.

Prepared illustrations and diagrams for laboratory manual used in Animal Biology at Western Michigan University. 1976.


Nominated for the 1995 and 1996 Part-time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award.

Honorary member of the Golden Key National Honor Society, 1995.

Letter of commendation from the office of the Chancellor at UNC Charlotte, 1995.

Outstanding student organization advisor award 2001-2002

Excellence in Teaching award 2003

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