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In May 2013, join  the Fudan University School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA), the University of Maryland School of Public Policy (UMD), and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) in Shangnai, China for a conference entitled the Collaboration Among Government, Market, and Society: Forging Partnerships and Encouraging Competition

Collaboration Among Government, Market, and Society: Forging Partnerships and Encouraging Competition

Collaboration and competition among government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations have been growing trends over the years and have fundamentally shaped the values, operations, responsibilities, and results of public management. Synergy is sought to deal with complex issues that are best handled by multiple agencies or actors. By shifting to market means, competition is used to break (bureaucratic) monopoly and improve public performance. With varying results, different forms of collaboration, from competitive outsourcing to long-term public/private partnerships, have been used in countries with different political, social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. While new opportunities are created, collaboration induces boundary blurring that poses challenges to public management regarding its missions, core technologies and competencies, the nature of its performance, and accountability. Partnerships may also impose constraints on competition, and vice versa.

In order to explore these and related issues, SIRPA, UMD, and APPAM will hold a conference in Shanghai, China on May 25-26, 2013. The conference is designed to attract a worldwide audience, including academics and professionals from universities, think tanks, government agencies, nonprofits, and the private sector.

The proposed conference will examine the various aspects of collaboration from theoretical and empirical perspectives in a cross-national setting. It requests proposals for high-quality, theory-driven papers. Research topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conceptualizations of collaboration, including government-business collaboration, government-nonprofit collaboration, network governance, collaborative governance, and public management reform;
  • Performance management and accountability in collaborations, including measuring and explaining performance and results, and contract management;
  • Integrity management and anticorruption in collaboration;
  • The creation and maintenance of competition; and
  • Collaborative practices in specific policy areas, including country experiences and comparative studies in such areas as education, health, housing, physical infrastructure, public safety and criminal justice, social services, transportation, utilities, and workforce development.

Proposals should be submitted no later than December 31, 2012. Review of proposals will completed by January 31, 2013, and notifications be sent directly thereafter. If a proposal is accepted, the presenter must register in order to participate. The paper should be submitted online by May 1, 2013.

A person may submit no more than two proposals (including both single-authored and co-authored papers). Individuals will be limited to two acceptances (at least one of which must be multi-authored) and only one opportunity to present research at the conference.

The program co-chairs are Prof. Yijia Jing, Associate Dean, School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University, and Prof. Douglas J. Besharov, University of Maryland School of Public Policy.

For more information on the conference, including the program committee, proposal submission deadlines, and registration costs, please visit the APPAM website.

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