PPOL Committees and Graduate Public Policy Association Officers-2013-2014

Governance Committee:
Bill Brandon (POLS)*
Lyn Exum (CJ)
Gordon Hull (Phil)
James Laditka (Chair) (HSR)
Teresa Scheid (Soc)
Peter Schwarz (Econ)
Jean-Claude Thill (GEOS)
Carole Stivender (Alum)
*Rotating off Spring 2015- to be replaced by
Cherie Maestas (POLS)

Admissions Committee:
Steven Billings (Econ)
Martha Kropf (POLS)
Shelley Listwan (CJ)
Elizabeth Stearns (SOC)
Qingfang Wang (GEOS)

Graduate Public Policy Association Officers:

President- Jessica Hall

Vice President- Allison McMurry

Secretary- Hollie Trip

Treasurer– Brian Jones

Senator-Maurcio Quinones Dominguez

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