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My research and teaching focuses mainly on sound and music, theories of gender/race/sexuality, feminist philosophy, continental philosophy, and political philosophy.

My theoretical research takes a transdisciplinary approach to music and politics, drawing on theories of gender/race/sexuality, women of color feminist philosophy, sound and popular music studies, critical musicology, media and visual culture studies, and 20th/21st century continental philosophy.In general, I use the compositional structure and critical (well, and sometimes, uncritical) reception of songs as a lens to focus my philosophical research in gender, race, and politics. Because songs are much smaller and easily comprehendible than social relations, understanding how these songs work helps us better understand how society works. My work has appeared in The New Inquiry and journals such as Hypatia, The Journal of Popular Music Studies, Popular MusicPhaenEx, and Philosophy Compass.

I am author of two books: Resilience & Melancholy: pop music, feminism, neoliberalism (2015), and The Conjectural Body: gender, race, and the philosophy of music (2010). I am currently writing a manuscript titled (for now) The Sonic Episteme: acoustic resonance & post-identity biopolitics; it is under contract with Duke University Press.


At UNC Charlotte I have taught undergraduate and graduate classes such as:

Social & Political Philosophy

Theories of Sound & Music

The Philosophy of Music

Feminist Philosophy

Feminist Theory & Its Applications

Critical Race Theory

Transnational Feminism

Philosophy of Music


Arts & Society: Music (on Punk, Hip Hop, & Disco)

Global Relations: Global Hip Hop: Rap, Race, & Diaspora

Introduction to Philosophy

Education: Ph.D. philosophy, DePaul University