Select Publications

  • Suzanne & Olga Smirnova. 2008. “Does Government Structure Matter? A Comparative Analysis of Urban Bus Transit Efficiency” Journal of Public Transportation. vol.10.
  • Heberlig, Eric  & Suzanne Leland. 2007.“Fired?  Or Firing Up?  How Term Limits Affect Career Politicians” for The American Review of Politics. (with Eric Heberlig). American Review of Politics. Spring, vol.28, 57-77.
  • Godwin, Ken, Suzanne Leland, Andrew Baxter & Stephanie Southworth. 2006. “Sinking Swann: Public School Choice and the Resegregation of Charlotte’s Public Schools. Review of Policy Research. vol.23. 983-997.
  • Leland, Suzanne & Kurt Thurmaier. 2005. “When Efficiency is Unbelievable: Normative Lessons from 30 Years of City-County Consolidations.” Public Administration Review.  July/August. vol.65, 475-489.
  • Leland, Suzanne & Kurt Thurmaier. Editors. 2004. Reshaping the Local Government Landscape: Case Studies of Local Government Consolidation. M.E. Sharpe.


  • State and Local Government
  • Urban Policy
  • Public Administration

Courses Taught

  • Administrative Behavior
  • Urban Politics
  • Foundations of Public Administration
  • Urban Policy
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Comparative State Policy and Administration

Suzanne Leland earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Kansas in 1999. Her current research interests focus on local government structure, transportation governance, and school choice.