Courses offered


ESCI 1101 Earth Sciences – Geography (Fall) syllabus

ESCI 2210 Field Methods in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (Fall)

GEOG 4215/5215 Urban Ecology (Spring) syllabus

GEOG 4216/5216 Landscape Ecology (Spring) syllabus

GEOG 4600 Geography Professional Seminar




Teaching the Theory of Island Biogeography as an on-campus field laboratory (with Mr. William Garcia of the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at UNC Charlotte):  Numerous studies have demonstrated that students perform better and learning outcomes are improved in courses that promote active learning by means of inquiry-based activities and research experiences. One complication for subjects such as the Earth Sciences and Ecology is that the central theoretical tenants of these disciplines are field-based. Typical educational inquiries into these concepts use existing or simulated data to illustrate patterns and processes. As a result, students acquire a superficial understanding of the systems being taught. We are testing whether student learning outcomes are improved if an inquiry-based field exercise and a research project are used to teach the Theory of Island Biogeography compared to the use of simulated data in class. In 2013 and 2014, students will be testing the predictions of the Theory of Island Biogeography using the invertebrate communities that inhabit the parking lot islands on the UNC Charlotte campus.